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So there was a Halloween party last night and I had to fix a costume. As much as I’ve always hated spending my free days looking for the pieces of a costume that never ends to be half as good as you hoped, I’ve always been fascinated by the work of special effect makeup artists.
I had some liquid latex laying around from some old project and I decided to make my face into something even more ugly. So I smeared my eyebrows and beard area with plenty of vaseline —in the hope of not getting my face waxed when i would take it off— and got started.

I think it came out quite good for being my first attempt ever. I would have liked the skin layer to be more transparent, but it seems like a tenth part of acrylic paint in the mixture was more than enough.
The final gory touches are made with gel blood, which seemed to be a bestseller at the art store yesterday. The teeth are made out of modeling clay and applied with adhesive putty. I’ve built them on top of a mold of my own teeth that I obtained by literally biting on a big chunk of clay. I should have painted them a bit to give them volume, but the party was about to start without me by then.

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