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This is Deadcat

Animation, Illustration, Post Production, Sound Design and everything in between.


A one man band or a squadron of skilled freelancers?

The size of the team grows with your project. Through a tight network of experienced freelancers, Deadcat is budget effective, skill focused and quality driven.


Cel Animation, Stop Motion or 3D?

Deadcat has a knack for handmade stuff, but a brain made of silicon.
A computer nerd with an artistic heart means that the visual style that best tells your story is just a brushstroke away.

From Sketch to Final Product

Helping out with every step of the process. From ideation, storyboard, animatics and character design, to production, special effects, sound design and everything else you need in order to get to the gold pot at the end of your rainbow.


Let's write your story together

With a decade of experience in visual storytelling, the perfect mix of plot and style, action and humour, advertisement and entertainment is just about to be served. Shaken, not stirred.



Deadcat is the brainchild of Nicola Smanio, a once young kitten from Verona that moved to Stockholm a long time ago to become a full grown feline.
After twenty years of experience in the advertising and visual communication business, and more than a decade directing and producing animation for international clients, the time is now ripe for new endeavours.

Deadcat thrives in a habitat of humour and action, feeds on witty references to popular culture. The result is explosive, handmade eye candy. With a long experience in stop motion, cel animation, graphics and compositing, Deadcat loves to spend its time crafting and polishing each detail by hand, nonetheless using its geeky mind and the latest technology to bring it all together in the most efficient, astonishing-looking way.

With a long list of trusted collaborators, artists and geeks on its side, with its claws sharpened year after year by an all-encompassing set of skills, the Deadcat is ready to rise from the dead.