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This is Deadcat

Animation, Illustration, Post Production, Sound Design and everything in between.


A one man band or a squadron of skilled freelancers?

The size of the team grows with your project. Through a tight network of experienced freelancers, Deadcat is budget effective, skill focused and quality driven.


Cel Animation, Stop Motion or 3D?

Deadcat has a knack for handmade stuff, but a brain made of silicon.
A computer nerd with an artistic heart means that the visual style that best tells your story is just a brushstroke away.

From Sketch to Final Product

Helping out with every step of the process. From ideation, storyboard, animatics and character design, to production, special effects, sound design and everything else you need in order to get to the gold pot at the end of your rainbow.


Let's write your story together

With a decade of experience in visual storytelling, the perfect mix of plot and style, action and humour, advertisement and entertainment is just about to be served. Shaken, not stirred.



Hi, I’m Deadcat, a.k.a. Nicola Smanio, animation director and motion designer with two decades experience under his whiskers.

I started off as a kitten in the hills of Verona, my passion took me to the icy shores of Stockholm. Nowadays, you’ll find me bouncing between the two, always on the hunt for new inspiration and exciting projects.

I thrive on a steady diet of humour and characters. I’m a natural problem solver with a brain made of silicon and a plasticine heart, always on the hunt for the perfect balance between digital precision and handmade charm.

Good storytelling and funny characters might not save us from the end of the world, but at least we’ll go laughing