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H&M Viktor & Rolf

By November 9, 2006October 11th, 2018Web

H&M Viktor & Rolf home

This was probably the most important campaign site for H&M in 2006. It was really hard work as we had a lot of limitations, but I got to work with a great team and the result was very satisfying.

The site is not online anymore, but here you can see screenshot from my design files.

H&M Viktor & Rolf teaser site 1H&M Viktor & Rolf teaser site 2

Before the launch of the actual site —coinciding with the collection launch in the shops— we had a teaser site, offering a sneak peek of the collection from a shop window.

The collection had a bridal theme and it was all in black and white, therefore we decided to make the teaser black (outside) and the main site white (inside). Once the site was launched the user was sent through the shop window into this milky-white world where he could navigate sections through an infinite staircase.

H&M Viktor & Rolf product pageH&M Viktor & Rolf downloads pageH&M Viktor & Rolf video playerH&M Viktor & Rolf form

  • Client: Hennes & Mauritz.
  • Agency: Foreign.
  • Art Direction: Patrik Danielsson.
  • Design, Animation, Sound Design: Nicola Smanio.
  • Flash Development: Marcus Johansson, Joackim Roos.

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