The 2020 D&G Christmas video went so well that this time we made two!
So Happycentro, Happy Finish and myself teamed up again to bring home some stop motion magic.

The whole set was designed and built in 1:6 scale with more than 2,500 tiny lightbulbs, each hand-mounted to miniature reproductions of the characteristic “luminarie” lights from southern Italy’s town fairs. Broadway meets folklore meets Italian variety shows with the legendary song “La Notte è Piccola,” opening theme for the classic TV program “Studio Uno” from the 60s.

My job was of course to make Stefano and Domenico sing and dance. In order to do that, Federico dug out a selection of dance references from the likes of Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and the Phyllis Brothers while I built puppet bodies with a flexibility worth of a circus contortionist.

To make them sing, we produced 3D-printed heads with interchangeable mouths. In the end they fit so well that we barely had to clean them up in post.

The whole job took almost half a year and an amazing team of crafters and geeks to complete. Enjoy!


Discover how we built it, animated it, filmed it in the behind the scene materials. And let’s not forget those funny faces singing in their box.

  • Client: Dolce & Gabbana
  • Executive Production Company: Happy Finish

  • Produced & Directed by: Happycentro

  • Project Management: Andrea Grandotto & Federico Padovani

  • Art Director: Federico Galvani

  • Dop: Federico Padovani

  • Lead Animator: Nicola Smanio

  • Editing, Compositing & Color Grading: Nicholas Bertini & Federico Galvani

  • 3D Artist: Alessio Danubio

  • Costume Design: Dolce&Gabbana

  • Puppet Making: Nicola Smanio & Federico Padovani

  • Puppet Painting: Erica Zipoli

  • Props Design: Federico Galvani, Federico Padovani, Andrea Alice Bronzetti

  • Set Design: The Magic One Piet Paeshuyse

  • Set Design Assistant: Leonardo Milazzo

  • Chief Lighting Technician: Nicolò Pozzerle

  • Electrician Crew: Luca Facci, Fabio Scappini & Pretty Face Giacomo Venturi

  • CNC: The Luthier Antonio dell’Otto + Ideoplast

  • Lasercut: Roclam

  • 3D Print: Federico Padovani, Leonardo Milazzo, Fablab Verona

  • Woodworking: Thanks to IBarredamenti

  • Behind The Scenes: Directed & Edited by Federico Padovani