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“Gore” is a provocative series of video works by Nicola Smanio created using generative AI technology. The visuals are simultaneously repulsive and captivating, blending the grotesque with the hypnotic in a seamless, continuous flow. The project aims to blur the line between what is considered aesthetically pleasing and what is deemed repellent. By immersing viewers in a continuous loop of horrifying yet mesmerising imagery, “Gore” challenges conventional notions of beauty and ugliness, encouraging introspection about our innate and culturally conditioned responses to visual inputs.

As observers engage with the looping videos, they are drawn into a cycle of discomfort and fascination.

The perpetual motion of the loops prevents easy dismissal and encourages prolonged contemplation. This experience is designed to push viewers to a point where they may begin to appreciate the aesthetic value in what initially appears grotesque, questioning their own biases and the underlying principles that guide their aesthetic judgments.

A central theme of “Gore” is the role of AI in art creation. The generative process of neural networks, which mirrors organic growth and formation, brings forth imagery that feels disturbingly alive. This convergence of artificial intelligence and organic aesthetics highlights the evolving capabilities of AI, which now extends into realms previously dominated by human creativity. It prompts viewers to reflect on the nature of creation and the boundaries between human and machine-generated art. These AI-driven creations possess a fluidity and realism that were unattainable with traditional digital art techniques.

The process itself is an organic evolution, mirroring the biological processes it seeks to replicate, thus further blurring the line between artificial and natural.

“Gore” is an exploration of the complex interplay between repulsion and attraction, the natural and the artificial. By leveraging the power of AI to create disturbingly organic imagery, the project opens a dialogue about the evolving nature of art and the shifting boundaries of aesthetic perception in the digital age.